Nagi no Asukara NCOP-00.58
Gender Male
First Appearance
Anime Between the Sea and the Land
Voice Actress/Actor

Kousuke Toriumi

Uroko (うろこ様 Uroko sama?, Lord Uroko) is the scale of the Sea God and the protector of the sea village Shioshishio.


As a priest of the Sea God, everyone refers him as Uroko-Sama in respect. Uroko also has Ena, but it's more visible on him with noticeable blue/green shimmering scales on his upper arms and chest. His skin is pale with two red short eyebrows framed with silver/gray bangs. Like all the people of the sea, he has the trademark bright turquoise/teal eyes. His silver/gray hair is extremely long, reaching lower back, and it tapers off into many directions. His face tends to have an apathetic lazy look all the time except occasionally he smirks or grins.

His daily attire consists of baggy, navy blue pants, a tied teal waist sash, and a dark blue open vest. He also has many accessories such as a double stranded necklace, an intricate gold arm cuff, and two gold bangles on each wrist. In the temple, Uroko isn't wearing any footwear except for wrapped socks.


Uroko appears to be extremely perverse and lazy. The citizens of the village often bring him food and offerings in exchange for sacred blue fire. When Manaka bought him soup along with Hikari, he leaned in and smelled her extended arm, stating that she "smelled like she was in heat". After Manaka screamed and ran out, he explained to Hikari that it was mating season.

He also seems to be childishly mischievous, as he cursed Manaka to grow a fish from her knee because she slammed a bowl of food into his face.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nagi no Asukara - 13 18.24

A light sphere appears to force Tomoru sleep.

As a "scale" of the Sea God, he is able to "communicate" with the Sea God and control over the area of Shioshishio. He is also capable of "analyzing" someone's Ena. In The Unreachable Fingertip, he also used a certain power to shut Tomoru and force him sleep―starting his hibernation.


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